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22/04/2008 · Yes, she will miss very much, try not to give them away all on the same day, Do it gradually, because suddenly losing them at once would be really mean. I have seen a mother stray cat, when all her kittens taken away by someone, it was just so sad, she was walking around meowing and looking for them, poor thing I felt so sorry for her. 17/03/2007 · I haven't had any problem with my mother cat missing her kittens. What I was told was that at about 12 weeks mothers ween their kittens, and if they were in the wild, the mother would leave them, that is the way it works they do not stay together forever, so taking a kitten away from there mom is a natural thing, she might miss them. If anything like this happens, your first step should be to take the mother and kittens to the veterinarian as soon as possible. If you can discover the reason why a mother cat won't feed her kittens, you may have a better chance of getting her to start nursing them. This usually depends on how old the kittens are and the individual mother cat. Usually a female cat will come back into season after her current kittens are weaned. However, some cats' cycles can start again when her kittens are still very young, and some will not come into heat again for many months after the kittens are weaned. 10/05/2007 · Not usually I don't think, as long as the kittens are not given away too soon. In my experience, the kittens that stay with their mothers end up being an irritation to them - in nature the kittens leave their mother as soon as they are old enough to fend for themselves, and never see her.

I don't think so. You've already said that she has almost adopted her sister's kittens and if you give them for adoption eventually they both the mother and her sister will be depressed. Of course you can still do it but now you are aware of how. 07/06/2007 · Well, I know they are only 6 weeks old, we haven't homed them yet. But Mika is separated from them, shes down at our house now, but how do you know if momma. 05/12/2013 · I would hazard a guess that people who aren’t overly familiar with cats or who have never lived with a cat would think that a cat wouldn’t miss his human companions if they were gone from the house. People often have this perception of cats being extremely independent, preferring to be left.

06/10/2014 · A mother cat with her two kittens I guessed them to be about 2 months old and already pregnant again arrived at our home looking for food. I put out a bed, food and water for her and the kittens and treated them for ticks and fleas. The kittens were surprisingly tame and mother cat very cautiously allowed me to touch her. What Makes Mother Cats Move Kittens? by Betty Lewis. Mother cats will often move their kittens. If you've ever had a momma cat and kittens, chances are mom moved her babies at some point. Although you may have put together a nice, comfy nest for Missy, she may have decided to move her. Will a cat neglect her kittens? We need you to answer this question! If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now! Register to join beta. Related Questions. Asked in Cats Felines.

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